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The CORA™ system goes beyond plasma and platelets to measure all phases of hemostasis in whole blood. As a result, doctors will be able to identify hemorrhagic or thrombotic tendencies in just minutes. Portable, easy-to-use CORA technology will allow personalized anticoagulation and antiplatelet therapy, which should decrease the need for blood products and may aid in reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke for a wide range of patients.

Cora Technology Pusher

New Coagulation Resonance Analysis technology is suited for on-demand monitoring in settings from the hospital to physician office labs.

Clinical Value Pusher

The CORA system will help doctors stratify risk of ischemic and bleeding events, for better outcomes and fewer complications.

May 23, 2011

Coramed Technologies Awarded NIH Small Business Innovation Grant

Nearly $3 million over three years will help make next-generation hemostasis monitoring a reality

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